Monday, November 16, 2009

Taking A Break from the Blades...... Broncos/Rockets Deal.

Since they do not play until friday in Moose Jaw. I am going to talk about former WHLer's and the NHL/AHL.


Many hockey players choose the WHL for many reason..... The scholarship program is one of them...who would turn away from paid education?....Every season that you play in the WHL that earns you a year of paid education. Another reason that hockey players chose the WHL is that they may think that it is the shortest path to the example of that is Evander Kane.....who made the Atlanta Thrashers at 18 years of age. Luke Schenn of the Toronto Maple Leafs made the NHL as a 19 year old & the list goes on.... Another path is from the AHL to NHL depicted above. Former Regina Pat/Vancouver Giant Craig Schira is taking this path with the Ottawa Senators organization, He is playing with former Saskatoon Blades forward Ryan Keller in Binghamton with the baby Senators. There is an interesting story in today's issue of the hockey news about Ryan Keller's different and slightly longer path to the NHL.

There are many former players,some with junior eligibility left that are "next in line" for the NHL according to THN's depth chart.

I hope that the Blades are enjoying this break that they are having.....but not too much,don't want to be rusty.

One WHL deal to mention... Today the Swift Current Broncos traded 19 year old Geordie Wudrick to the Kelowna Rockets for 16 year old defencemen Tanner Clark and 19 year old European forward Stephan Novony.... The Broncos with this move are probably scaring some teams in the East Division....The Blades may be concerned but with the way they are playing I think that they are not too worried what other teams are doing.

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